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For quite some time, Microsoft and Sony have been direct rivals when it comes to gaming stations. Sony’s PlayStation (PS) and Microsoft's Xbox have always been competing year after year for delivering the best gaming performance to their customers. At present, the latest generation of these gaming consoles, the PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X are competing for head-to-head in every department. Both of the consoles have the exact same price tag, marked at 499.99 US Dollars. If budget is not a problem to you, it may be utterly confusing to choose which one of these gaming monsters will you rely on testing your playing skills on. Since both of the models have a similar configuration, specs, tech, and features, it is important to understand which one will be a better fit for you.

Given below are some of the parameters over which the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X have been described and compared in detail. 


When it comes to design, neither the PlayStation 5 nor the Xbox Series X is very attractive. The current Xbox is literally a plain box, while the current PlayStation is a curvy and topsy-turvy structure. Both of these models are bigger in size than the previous generations, and they can be hard to fit if space is limited. The Xbox has dimensions of 12 x 6 x 6 inches, while the PlayStation is even bigger, measuring 16 x 4 x 10 inches. However, the bigger design allows both of the consoles to house strong thermals. As a result, performance can be sustained even for long gaming sessions.

For PS5 users, using the two-way stand is a must. If the size is your only constraint, it will be better to go for the Xbox Series X, which will be slightly better to fit in tight spaces.


If you are familiar with Xbox One, the controller in Xbox Series X will be very similar to you. The Xbox controller is wireless and has a faceted, circular shield. The triggers have textures in them. The micro-USB connection has been upgraded to a USB-C connection. Otherwise, AA batteries can be used as well.

On the other hand, Sony decided that the PS5 will be having a completely new type of controller. The grips are now fang-shaped and easy to grasp, and it comes with adaptive triggers that provide variable resistance. The haptic feedback of the DualSense has been improved as well. The vibrations are therefore very realistic. If you are looking for new tech in the new-gen gaming consoles, PS5 will be the better choice.


In the case of raw gaming power, both PS5 and Xbox Series X are absolute beasts. They have very similar specs, with both the consoles housing the RDNA 2 GPUs, with 16 GB GDDR6 RAM and AMD Zen 2 CPUs. The Xbox model has a slightly higher GPU power, with 12.15 TFLOPS as compared to PS5’s 10.28 TFLOPS. However, the graphical power and processing capabilities are more or less the same for both consoles.

Both of the models come with Solid-State Drives (SSD) and have improved loading time. As for storage, the Xbox console comes with 1 TB SSD, while the PS5 houses 825 GB SSD. All-in-all, there isn’t much difference between the two when it comes to power. However, if you want to be slightly ahead in the specs sheet, the Xbox Series X is the one for you.


There are no exclusive games for Xbox Series X that will not run on older models or Windows 10 devices. Both Sony and Microsoft are determined to launch new games that can take full advantage of their latest gaming devices. Hence, some games will be ‘unofficially’ better in the latest generation models.

As for PS5 exclusives, the condition is similar to Xbox. Even though the games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls remake will be running on the PS4. Therefore, the upcoming new games should not be a problem for you, regardless of which device you choose.

Here, the discretion lies with the fans. Some people may prefer the God of War series of PlayStation Studios, while others may choose the Halo series of Xbox Game Studios. Depending on your preference, you can select which console you want to buy.


The best thing about PS5 and Xbox Series X is that the users of the previous models can continue to play the games on the latest models as well. Hence, the compatibility with the previous generation isn’t an issue with both the consoles.

For further backward compatibility, Xbox Series X covers much older games as well. With some modifications, Xbox One games can be played in the latest-gen Xbox as well.

Here, the PlayStation 5 lacks a bit as only games from PS4 are covered. The older PlayStation games can only be streamed in PS5, and that also with the PlayStation Now subscription.

In terms of better backward compatibility, Xbox Series X edges the PlayStation 5.


Both the latest Xbox and the PlayStation models come with Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible optical drives. As a result, 4K and HDR media won’t be a problem. 4K HDR streaming options are also available. Multiple apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and so on, can also be played on both consoles.

In this case, both the devices are at par with each other.


Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 require some subscriptions. In the case of Xbox, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required, which charges 100 Dollars per year. As for PS5, a PS Plus subscription is required, which is charged at 60 Dollars annually. Additionally, PlayStation includes PS Plus Collection and other offers. All of these are related to allowing playing games in different formats and giving access to older games. In similar terms, Xbox has Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which has an Xbox Game Pass subscription along with Xbox Live Gold. It costs even more and allows some discounts on limited games, and new games are provided with early access. PlayStation also has PS Now, which allows access to many old games and streaming options, further extending your expenditure.

If budget is not an issue, then it is safe to say that Xbox offers slightly better versatile and value-for-money content on their subscriptions. 


When compared to all departments, it is quite evident that the similarities between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are much more significant than their differences. Both have bulky designs, advanced controllers, strong gaming power, a different set of games, backward compatibility to at least one previous generation, support media, and allows subscriptions. Apart from hardware, the software of both the consoles is similar as well. If you are picky, you can choose any of them based on your needs and preferences.

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